"Making It Work Today And Tomorrow"

Since 1924 the John R. Wald Company, Inc. has distinguished itself as an engineered systems integrator that gets the job done no matter how great the challenge. Our hard working and creative employees have good, common sense. We know how to get things done right, no matter what it takes. With over eighty-five years of experience, we also know our clients well. We know how to communicate, how to listen, how to respond, and how to do the right thing at the right time. We’re still making it work, better and better every day.

Industry is in a state of constant change, searching for ways in which to increase production rates, lower costs, improve quality of products, create new products, and increase profits. The Engineered Systems business unit of the John R. Wald Company provides innovative and practical solutions for our customers. We have developed particular expertise and a reputation for license plate manufacturing, metalworking, chemical products, finishing systems, compressed air systems, dust collection, and many other industries/systems, but our real expertise lies in solutions to uncommon problems.